Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cant wait to be a lucky girl!

Really really looking forward to starting my Lucky Girl book, a challenge by fabby Shimelle. I went and brought some yummy Basic Grey papers today and have ordered a 6x6 mini album. Now I am thinking of 17 reasons why I am lucky....... Right lets think
1. To have a hansome son who cares so much about others and his surrounding.
2. To have Elli Woo who is a cheeky 3 year old but is so girly!
3. For Kev who never fails to suprise me with his lovely ways and still makes me have butterflies in my tummy.
4.To live where I live. Hop on the train for 30 minutes and I am in London ( love it!) but far away enough to have lots of trees and green.
5.To have an eye for interesting things, I love taking photographs.
6. To be creative
7. To have such a fab open minded Dad who I can have such cool conversations with.
8. To have life, some people dont.
Hmmmmmmmm need to think of some more.

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Maureen said...

How Lucky..... to have such a wonderful mum who adores you......how lucky you are to be so caring, so loving,and so so special thats why I love you millionsxxxxxxxxxx.....mumxx