Thursday, 26 April 2007

Blue stash and natural burials

What a busy week!
Went the Treasured Memmories crop last night. I was working on a lay out which if for a challenge by a team member on UKScrappers. I have desided to do it all blue which is fine but its hard to get blue girl stash! I am getting there now but was a bit gutted I didnt have enough time to finish it. Hopefully I will finish it today.

Callums rat Tumble died this week. He had cancer. Was all a bit sad and callum wanted a full on funeral for him. In the end he decided that it would be best to 'buery' him in the compost, then his body will be giving somnething back to nature! Good thinking for a 7 year old. RIP Tumble.


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Tumble :o( RIP matey xx

Polly said...

Poor Tumble!