Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Ok I need to talk about Glastonbury
Getting very excited now as its only 41 days away.
Things I am most excited about
1.Going on the wednesday
2.The yummy food
3.Nizlopi playing on a tiny stage Thursday night
4.Going to the Green Fields and learning more about being green
5.Knitting at the stone circle
6.The Whip at the dance village
7.Taking lots of stange photos
8.Summer Solses
9. Dads birthday
10.Pear Cider
I really could go on and on!
I am going to make a little book so I can jot down journaling for when I get back and scrap. Needs to be little and hardwearing but yummy.


Polly said...

I am turning green with envy! I went back in 1997 (the mud year) It was messy but I had the best time... and cannot wait to see all your piccies!!!

rutheo said...

woo hoo i just can't wait. i am going to do a list too xxxx

Alexandra McNicol said...

Hope you enjoy it!!