Sunday, 27 May 2007

Mushy head

Another busy week!
Sugar and Spice lauch party was fab on tuesday, I cant belive how busy it was! The new stock was lovely. And I won the raffle, I think I am on some luvky streak with raffles! Going to pick up my prize this morning.
I had the girls round friday night for a green thai curry, which was fab if I must say so myself. If anyone wants the recipe then I will post it on here. I didnt go to bed until 4.30 and the kids woke up at 6.30. Yeah you can imagin how tired/drunk I still was! We went to the fair yesterday afternoon and then for a Wimpy, by this time I really needed some bad food. Then we went browesing the charity shop. I found some lovely stamps in Oxfam for £1.99 - love a bargin.
Went to bed at 9 but then the kids woke up at 5.30!! Yeah now I am really really tired.
I cant type anyone because my brain has turned to mush!

1 comment:

Polly said...

Hey you!

Enter the pencil lines... I am digging for you to win! Glad the launch party went well and you WON, lucky gal!
Hope you survive the hangover!