Tuesday, 1 May 2007

To snap or not to snap ....

Been thinking about Crocs lately. Not the animal but the shoes. Now last year when I first saw them I thought they were the most ugliest shoes EVER!They reminded me of something which I sugeon would wear. I did like the little charm thingys but just thought noooooo the shoes are just wrong. But this year something has changed. I think I like them! Now for the children they make sence. You can wash them (Callum's feet stink already), they are light and easy to put on. My children like nice 'bits' so the thought of having charms in them is super for them. I think this is why I like them too. For as long as I remember I have liked collecting 'bits'. But I am worried that I am just being a sheep! Do I really like them or am I following the crowd?


KARA said...

I can honestly say get them, evryone in the UK snears at me cause I wear them but I have converted 5 people by letting them try them on, they are sheer heaven on your feet.
I chuck in wash come out great, great for stepping in the garden or going to my mom's she has loads of dogs with multing hair.

Polly said...

I am in a dilemma over these too... I think they look pretty ugly but the colours are good... and those charms are cute. If I was to get a pair... there's way too much colour choice!

Bex said...

Nina? Ooh I think I know you? Or are you a different Nina lol!

Crocs - I love them on other people but have not yet bought some as don't think I could wear them!

Love Bex