Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Kick me!

A simple food of brown or white colour. Show us bread in your space today.
Lucky my Dad had brought me a loaf from the farm shop yesterday so it could be a model today.

Thinking about something that Polly wrote on her blog today.......... Yes I too only scrap pictures that I like and not ones that have feelings and mean stuff. Thinking on those lines I delete the ones that arent good from my camera! I am going to have to join Polly's challange.

At the moment I feel abit 12x12'd out! I have done quite a few latly and feel like I need go get my teeth into something else. But not sure what. I do need to make 2 more maze books for Fathers day but cant be bothered to get the photos done. Will someone kick me up the arse?!


Rachael said...

Great shot. Like the idea of the bread bin in the background.

anita said...

great photo nina!! to get the words you need to use photoshop and click the 'T" button to add text :)

Aubrey Harns said...

Terrific photo. Remember scrapbooking is supposed to be fun - and it's always harder to do it when you're feeling a bit uninspired (this sometimes happens to me and I have to walk away from it for a bit). I usually go out and try to take some new photos that I'm really excited about - then when I come back home I'm excited to scrap them...I know you didn't ask for a lecture - I was hoping to just offer some helpful advice. New pictures generally do the trick for me.

Chris said...

Great photo Nina... :)

Jane said...

Yes, great shot with the depth of field and the bread bin!

Good advice from Aubrey there too - I could do with listening to that myself, but not because i'm scrapped out: I don't do enough!!

Lin said...

Lovely photo.

We use Adobe Photoshop or Paint shop pro to edit. Both use the text button like Anita explained.

*** Moneypenny *** said...

LOVE the depth of field in your shot ~ brilliant :O)

Polly said...

Will have that boot ready for tomorrow to give you that kick you need! lol...

Alexandra McNicol said...

great photo

try scrapping in 8.5 x 11 - i never really felt happy with many of my 12x12 layouts but I'm loving doing 8.5x11 and can say that i love every layout i've done.

i went 9 months without scrapping a single page - since january i've filled 2 albums.