Sunday, 10 June 2007

stress n stuff!

Things are getting a little hectic now. I have the hugest list of things to do before Glasto on the 20th.Some might be little things but you know the type that make the pile bigger? On top of that I need a new car and have a tiny amount to spend on one, I must find one before Glasto or we will have to walk! And I have no one to look after Nessie, the lady who I thought was going to have her cant. I really don't want her to have to go into kennels on her own but I cant afford for them to both go into Kennels.STRESSSSSSSSSS!.
I feel better now!
Friday I went round Polly's house. We talked scrapping politics and stash non stop! She cooked yummy homemade pizza and brought me some of the yummy Elsie paper. I was spoilt. I had a really lovely time, she is a really fab gal!

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Polly said...

Hey you!

Thanks for a fabby time! I loved it! It was great talking stash all the time and thanks for all the ribbon!!!

And cannot wait to see all your glasto pics!