Monday, 16 July 2007

I love..... I love...... I love......

Last week of term - YAY! I cant wait to just sit around in my PJ's until 11am! The kids are tired too and need a recharge. And I still need to make teacher presents. I am going to tart up some clipboards I think. Better get thinking as I only have 4 days!
I am also going to make something for someone who has helped me loads at times but I cant say what or who as she might peek at my blog. All I can say is I am feeling the use of my Love Else stamps coming on!
Also slightly obsessed by the Arctic Monekys album, I cant stop listening to it and I keep waking up in the night with the songs in my head.
Going to Suagar and Spice tomorrow to sort out my materials for class 4 - journaling. I love the shop so much and the stash and marion and jane and maggie and Marions Mummy and all the customers! And most of all teaching my ladies. They love it so much and its so satifying knowing that I can help them.
Right thats enough of my chatting!

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cafyd said...

I cant wait for the school hols too! Quietish mornings, get dressed when you feel like it, no school run, not to mention the road rage!!! Other people of course.Days out and fun fun fun x