Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lots of Sugar

Woooooo! What a day?! I was so nervous about taking my first class. And when it started I was shaking! My moutrh was dry and I was triping over my words. But as the class went on I felt more comortable. My girls seemed to relax a little and so did I. Most of my ladies had never done any scrapbboking before and it was great to inrtoduce them to it. At the end of my class thge feed back was good, everyone was hooked! I had spread the scrapbooking love.
Heres to Emebelishments next week.

I love my job!

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cara said...

Hi nina just wanted to say how wonderful your class was i enjoyed it so much and now i love scrapbooking i am looking forward to your next lesson. XX