Thursday, 12 July 2007

Random Thursday

Lots of random thoughts today.
Camera situation sorted, my sis is going to buy mine and give me hers. It works well for her as she is going to be doing as photography course soon and would have had to buy an SLR. All good.
I keep thinking about true friendship. I cant help myself. Have been burned lately and feel a little 'hole' like. Who is a true friend? Who is just humoring me?
Had good feedback coming in from my class last Saturday, and had people put their names down for September. And I have a full house this Saturday - hope they have done their homework!
Elli locked herself in the bath room tonight. She also has a new love -

I have also brought new oven gloves. I know this is not too exciting for most people but it is for me!


Jules said...

Hmm true friendship? After getting hurt last year by someone I thought of as a real true, best friend, I don't trust anyone anymore. Life is lonely, but no more tears!

Glad camera situ is sorted, sounds like it works for both of you :o)

cafyd said...

Its hard to find a true friend you can 100% trust, been through the mill a bit myself.I hate the feeling of disappointment. Other peoples interpretation of loyalty and mine dont always seem the same.I try not to get drawn in anymore! Bugger the lot and be yourself!!!!!!

Polly said...

True friendship - hmmm a hard one. I too have been burned in the past. I guess maybe we are peeps that wear hearts on our sleeves and 'cause we're truthful we think others should be too. I guess then that hurts more when we find out that maybe they're not. Oh, honey!

Totally lovin' the new artic monkeys song and did you see them on Jonathan Ross last week, dressed as clowns - bloomin' fabby!!!

Have a great class tomorrow! Big hugs!

cara said...

I think a true friend is someone you can trust 100% they are hard to find someone you can laugh, cry and be honest with and be yourself with dont worry about getting burnt luvy you have lots of people who love you for who you are !!!!