Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stress made better by stash

I really hoped it would start in a good way but it was hard work. First of all I attended a book party at my SIL's house, which would have been OK but the house was full of first time mums with 5 month old babies. The noise level was soooooo high! Not just the sound of 10 crying babies but the sound of new mums gushing over babies! 'mine sleeps this long' 'and the poo was all the was up his back' 'and I pushed and pushed' Rahhhhhhhhhhhh! I know we were all there once upon a time but it was a bit too much for me!
Then we popped to the High Street and Elli did nothing but moan in a high pitched squeal! My head was at exploding point by now.
So after discovering that Cara was having an equally stressful first day of the holidays we left all 4 kids with her hubby and went to the factory shop for some bargain retail therapy!
All this for £9.50 - love it!

Fingers crossed for a better day today!


sunshine and curls said...

your stash looks wonderful i think the shopping trip was just what we needed, thanks luv X

Jules said...

wow, what a bargain stash!