Sunday, 5 August 2007

This cool weekend!

Had a really really fab weekend.
Saturdays class was great, everyone loved the class and were all really silent as they were concentrating to much! We also had the lovely Cheryl Johnson - in the shop as well today. She was really nice. Also we had decided on a date for the Halloween party - 9Th October. So watch this space!

Then last night we went out for a booze up with our friends Cathy and Matt. I have got to say that I was so drunk that I cant remember large chunks of tghe night including eating a mixed kebab with extra chili sauce!

Also managed to finish this for my Stash cupboard door.
Also driving around with the roof off on a hot day like today is just bliss!


sunshine and curls said...

lovely picture of you both, your new sign looks fab.

cafyd said...

How dodgy are those pictures????????