Thursday, 16 August 2007


An opening in the wall, filled with glass. Show us a window in your space today.

This is the window of the last remaining home in The Plotlands at a nature reserve we visit.
Here is a bit of history for those whole might be interested (I find these things interesting!)
The Plotlands  represent a unique period in the social history of Basildon. During the early 1900 s agricultural land was auctioned off in small plots to people mainly from the east end of London. These little pieces of England allowed many families to enjoy weekends and holidays away from the city, gradually blossoming into a bustling estate of around 200 homes. Despite unmade roads and poor services, this close-knit community enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetables from their own gardens and the freedom of owning their own place in the countryside. After the Second World War the drive for higher standards of living led to the designation of Basildon New Town in 1949 and many plotlanders saw their homes compulsory purchased. The area that was once the Dunton Hills Estate was designated as an open space for recreation, acknowledging the wildlife interest of the abandoned plotland gardens. Following its purchase by Essex Wildlife Trust in 1989, the Estate is now managed for its social history as well as its wildlife. Stroll along the old avenues and capture the fragrance of garden plants now growing wild. And visit The Haven, home to the Mills family for two generations, now restored to its original condition and furnished in the style of the 1930s and 1940s, allowing visitors to step back in time.

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