Friday, 14 September 2007

Back track to Friday

OK so I will Start from Friday. Kev took the day off so he could take me to town for a Costa coffee, which was lovely (even though he wouldn't let me do my knitting!)
I started getting ready for my girls night out qutie early as I needed Kev to tan my legs as I was wearing shorts and we haven't even had enough sun to get my face brown this year let alone my legs. Then I had a bit of bad news my friends boy had broken his arm badly and Cathy couldn't come. BOO HOO!
Highlights of the night -
Cara not wanting to walk round to mine as her dress was too tight!
Christine going to her first nightclub in 20 years!
Cathy surprising me by turning up
T taking her shoes off!
Emma wearing a glow in the dark necklace!
Emma knocking a mans drink out of his hand
Emma pulling everyone
Me and Julie dancing and me then headbutting the fag machine!
Cara and Cathy break dancing
Phoning Ruth in Florida when 'Show me muff' came on

We all got into the cab to go home, poor Cathy was a bit pissed to say the least, next thing I know she headbutted me whilst falling off the chair! she is sprawled on the floor and I just knew that my front tooth which is held on by a bridge was lose. Cara's face said it all. By the time I got home it had fell off. So yes I had to spend my birthday weekend with no front tooth, so don't expect too many birthday girl photos of me!!!

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sunshine and curls said...

Was the best night out ever I really enjoyed it ! photo's look fab !