Thursday, 27 September 2007

My catch up from this week. I have been a slack HS:MS gal!

A container from which eases the pouring of liquid. Show us your jugs! A-hem.

A natural (often man made!) material to soak up liquids. Show us a sponge in your space
To make an impression.
A small token that ensures carriage of mail
To make a noise with ones foot.
Show us what Stamp is to you, in your space


Joy said...

Lovely catch-up photos!
I had to look closer at your sponge photo coz I couldn't figure out at first what it was. LOL!

Charli said...

Fab pics Nina - love the stamp pic - looks great!

sunshine and curls said...

nice jug (lol) ! lovely pictures nina you are so fab ! X

Shannon said...

Nice on all three. Good to see you posting again.

Bobs said...

I love your stamp pic and the other catch-up shots too! Fabby!

etteY said...

lovely catch-ups!

Eleanor said...

Great shots, esp the sponge one. Also like the crumpled brown paper backing to the stamp one. Lovely styling you do.

Jolanda said...

Great catch up!