Monday, 22 October 2007


Exciting exciting but I don't think I can say anything!
Anyway.... Last class on Saturday of my 2nd beginners course. This course was a totally different ball game to the first and was a real learning curve. One lady was really fab, she really loved it and has such a creative flair. I hope we can do more stuff together. Well done Lyn. x
This week is half term so let the mentalness begin!


Polly said...

Laydee... congrats on your news! SO v.happy for you.
See you Wednesday at crop..!
p.s. can I ask you to blog more, been missing your posts and piccies!

lyn said...

Hi nina, thank you for doing such lovely courses and making them fun, yes I am now completely hooked on scrapping. I want to do ALL the courses except, tell Marion, those ribbon things...

Glad you like the photos from Thailand. Keep in touch and I shall come and haunt you at the shop.