Wednesday, 3 October 2007


A flat , shallow container for carrying food, drin k and small items. Find a 'tray' in your space.

I love this tray. I saw it when I was shopping but couldn't afford it, then I dropped my tray so I HAD to buy one (it was an accident really!) So when I was shopping I went to get the tray and it was reduced to half the price! Love it!


Rachael said...

Great tray no wonder you went back for it. Love the way you have captured the reflections in it.

Bobs said...

Ooooh - a cup cake tray. I can see why you fell in love with it!Great shot too.

I love your stash from Ally Pally!!

Hazel said...

Beautiful - such a blessing you waited before buying it! Love the way you've got the reflection.

Charli said...

looks like a fab tray nina, love the perspective of this shot! Great pic!