Thursday, 29 November 2007

Cakes and Latte

I have been a bad blogger this week. Every time I have gone to say something I haven't had the photos to match and I hate doing them after.

Yesterday I went to Bluewaters crimbo shopping, mainly for Kev's presents. We had a lovely lunch brought by Daddy, and a yummy coffee at Starbucks. This year they have Creme brule and gingerbread lattes. Last year they had tiramasu which was fabby!

Tuesday I spent the day baking for Sugar and Spice's Chrismas party.
I got some yummy goodies too - Thanks Marion,she gets such yummy stash!
Oh and Elli has made a full recovery!


Polly said...

ummmmm cakes!!! ummm starbucks... And a cute preggo sister!

sunshine and curls said...

yummy those cakes look good and the latte. How lovely going christmas shopping with pregnant sister and daddy, glad you had a good time. I am so pleased that Elli is better have been thinking of her ! XX

shelly b said...

love that fun slide show!

Peechy said...

yummmmmm starbuck christmas lattes are just tooooo scrummie!! love the cute piccies.

cakes look supa yumm too.

good to hear that ellie is well xxx