Saturday, 8 December 2007


This weekend I am teaching some of my favourite ladies, Lyn and Jayne. Today we are doing the 12 days of Christmas book and tomorrow we are doing a flagbook at the Kit, Crop and Shop. Also PollY Paula is coming on Sunday and I wub her too.I hope that this weekend I can get some designing done for future classes......
Oh and we also have this yummy range from K&CO.... smitten.
I am also smitten with my Shimelle book, I want to show but I need to put some photos in it first.
Happy weekend!


lyn said...

Nina, I really enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas too...added an angel and star and bells...can't wait for tomorrow's class - but need to get the photos.

Anonymous said...

Nina, I wubbed the 12 days of christmas book. I'm adding bells and angels, ribbon's and bow's, star's and heart's, gingerbread men and candly stick's. I am calling it my 12 "special" day's of christmas as I want to add the December birthdays of my great nephew and my lovely old Dad. My Dad is not here with us anymore, but forever in our hearts, so the 10th day will be Dads page. The flag book was fantastic, and I am making another three; I don't have time for anything else. Everywhere I go at the moment people keep telling me that I have glamour dust on my face. Laura said I looked like Aunty Fairy. Perhaps that should be my bogger name.