Friday, 4 January 2008

New year = new head

No I haven't gone AWOL, I have had poorly laptop. It is still poorly and I am using Kev's one, but all my photos are on the other one (panic panic).
Happy New Year to everyone!
Last year was shit. I think the only few good things were the kids birthdays, getting my wonderful job and Glastonbury. Everything else was poo. So now this year is going to be better. I am not going to be taken along with things or trampled on anymore. I am going to be a new wiser me. One that is strong and knowledgeable.
Christmas was cool. Nothing major happened in either way, it was just nice. I did get totally spoilt though! Getting a new camera from my lovely hubby, a Cricut from my Daddy and a pink DS lite from my mum. I also got so many other yummy cute things, including some PJ'S with loads of cupcakes on, funky socks, loads of scrapbooking bits and a bag for my Bind it All.
The kids had a great time too but are so tired now. And we have ate sooooo much chocolate!
I even manged to do 3 LO's. I will have to put my software on this computer and upload some pictures......
Now I am off to see what everyone else has been up to :)

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