Monday, 21 January 2008

Updating with no update

I haven't really got anything to say but I feel the need to blog. I cant believe its Monday again! This month is flying by which is never a bad thing in January. I hate January, I wish we could hibernate until February. This month brings no money, grey days and the dreaded feeling of sorting ones life out. Everybody seems in the same mood as me, customers at work are grumpy, the kids are ratty and the dogs are humpy because they need a haircut but surprise surprise we have no money to have it cut. ho hum!
Kev has started boxing to try and get fit which means that I have 2 or 3 nights a week where I can have guilt free scrapping. So tonight I am going to finish off a LO about Elli's first roller skates and start a girls night out Flip Book which I got in a secret Santa a few years ago.
Also can I say to anyone from UKScrappers which has tried to contact me, for some really really strange reason this laptop will not let me get on to the site so I cant answer anyone PM'S- grrrrrrrr!
Over and out for now, bring on Feb!!!

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