Sunday, 3 February 2008

Let me tell you about this girl....................

This girl has only been in my life for 5 years but I feel like I have known her for forever
This girl loves to buy clothes but always wants more!
This girl has the cutest children but sometime finds them hard work!
This girl is the best shoulder to cry on but sometimes needs a shoulder to cry on herself.
This girl is really loved but always feels like she has offended someone!


sunshine and curls said...

OMG that girl needs some botox... Lol only joking (as its me) you know me to well. love you too X

shelly b said...

that's a sweet post!

Polly said...

That girl is fab!!!

Glitter Chatter said...

awwww so sweet.
just popping by to say thanks for letting me know about your lego brick brads :o) popped down to barleylands yesterday and spent to much money on my stash and got nibbled by cheeky sheep!!! it was freezing to lol