Saturday, 2 February 2008

Oh baby baby!

How cute is Violet?!!!!

This is the latest member of the Howgate gang, Bobby. This my cousin Laura's 4th bubba. All her kids are so loving and beautiful. She is such a fab Mum, and I know it must be so hard for her not to have her Mum here (my Aunty Sue). I am so proud of you Laurs.
Well on the baby note, my sister is having a BOY! I am so excited for her. And I knew it. You see I have only ever been wrong once in predicting a babys sex in my whole life and I was right again! I cant wait to start buying blue bubba things!!! n monday I am going to my sisters and we are going to have a day of scrapping yummy (good) food and sister sillyness! I cant wait!
Off to work today, my Saturday ladys are truely fab, they are a pleasure to teach.
We have some really really exciting things in the pipeline at Suagr and Spice so watch this space!


jay670120 said...

aaaahhhhh lovely pic of the babys . Ive just become a proud aunty ,,its so nice just having the best bits (cuddles) and not having to cope with the worst bits (lack of sleep , smelly nappies)
thought i would do this any time for my little nephew !!!!
great little blog too & thanxs for visiting mine xx

sunshine and curls said...

ohhh im so pleased your sister is having a boy its so exciting, hope you enjoy your scrapbooking day with your sister, give her a hug from me. love C X