Thursday, 28 February 2008

Things that have made me smile this week

On Monday be took the kids to Hamleys in London. They didn't know they were going there and thought they were visiting Kev's office!
Anyone who really knows me will look at these plates and say that they are 100% my style. Oh for the love of new plates!

Being treated to Hotel Chocolate and choosing the ones that will photograph best!

And finally......................... my anniversary present.........

Isn't she beautiful!

After Aunty Sue died I decided not to waist my life, so I thought I would learn something new every year. Last year was knitting. This year is this space!


sunshine and curls said...

OMG i dont know where to start Hamleys Fab, chocolates Fabber, hello kitty guitar absolutely fabulous wow what a week you deserve it nina !! XX

sunshine and curls said...

oh for the love of the plates !!! can't wait to eat off them.. yummy plates and fabby food.............. (my blog is fixed sorry) XX