Thursday, 17 April 2008


Sometimes one gets a little thoughtful. I think with Elli starting school in September I have started to think about me and what I am going to do with my little life.
Do I need a career?
If I do then what?
How do you ever know what you want to do with your life?
If you study something then how do you know if it will lead to anything?
Do I do something with art and creativity or something more practical?
My whole life has been about art, design and creative things, could I do anything but that?


sunshine and curls said...

I think you should do something that you would never dream you would do as long as your happy thats the main thing creative or not you will know when it comes along !!

cosymo said...

Once Elli goes to school, sit and think then, because you will appreciate the time you have,not to worry so much now, you will be able to express yourself more, with your ideas of what to do, then, you time Nina to think.......Mumxx