Saturday, 21 June 2008

Huge post!!!

I cant believe I haven't Blogged for over a week! Whats that all about!! Well it has been a rather busy week. I think the following photos with a little bit of chat will say why.....
On Monday Team Sugar and Spice went on a trip along the M25 to a beautiful hotel to do some classes with Lance Anderson, the man behind Rusty Pickle. Such a cool day with 2 great projects. Didn't get to finish them but will soon and post pictures. It was so nice to follow someone Else's instructions and play with yummy papers. The food was also yummy, which is always a plus in my books!

THEN! I arrived home to find this wonderful package on my door step, I had actually one something (which I never do!) Its a neck strapthingy containing 2 token for a pint of pear cider and a Bothers Pear Cider flag. Now being a scrapbooker I am going to keep one of the tokens for scrapbooking purpose!

Then Tuesday night I had the pleasure of teaching these crazy ladies! Bev made fairy cakes ;) and we had such fun. At work we are doing loads of new classes, so I am in design mode!

Last but not least this boy is on cub camp. I miss him so much it hurts.

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sunshine and curls said...

what a week. bless callum his bag is bigger than him, bet he is having such a good time he will be home before you know it.