Thursday, 24 July 2008

Schools out for summer!!

Well its the first day of the summer holidays is our house. Callum broke up yesterday and is chilling out playing his DS in his pants! And Elli finished pre school on Friday. She was fine on her last day and so was I. I thought I would be emotional but it was cool. I think I know she is more than ready to start infant school so it makes me OK. Toddler group was a different story, I have been going there eight and a half years and it has been a big part of my motherhood.I was very emotional and had to leave as I was weeping so much! I made them this...

Doggies are going for a hair cut today so I will have some cute photos to put up later!

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sunshine and curls said...

Oh nina the book is so lovely. Glad your first day of hols went well mine did too. Look forward to seeing your doggies haircuts. X