Friday, 8 August 2008

We've got chickens in our back yard..

From this...

To this...

Yes we finally have our chooks! It has been over a year, we have been planning, making and building. Now they are here. Callum's one is called Mamba, Elli's one is called Lola but me and kev are yet to decide on our ones names. I feel like I just cant name her on a whim.She is a Jasine Hybred and lays blue eggs. Names needed please...


Tinkerbelle said...

I am so jealous of you, I really want chickens xxx love them, not sure about a name? what about naming after your favourite stash?

sunshine and curls said...

wonderful nina bet you are all so pleased. Names :-
Apple and orange
Ben & Jerry
Bonnie & clyde
Chewy from Jake
Chook from Sam
Elvis & Priscilla
reagan from nathan
the building look fab ! well done !!
Love from C XX