Friday, 19 December 2008

Excited... a bit!

Well Its nearly here, Christmas that is. And I have got to say that it isnt until now that I have started to feel excited. I dont know if its because Kev has had his main present or because I havent been super organized. Normally I am all wrapped and sorted by now, I only just finished the present shopping yesterday.Maybe another reason is that Elli has chicken pox. She woke up Saturday moning with 8 spots on her arm and 2 on her back. I really thought it was a bite or a reaction to something she had ate at the school disco the night before. So when I took her to the doctirs on Monady to get some cream I couldnt believe it when she said it was chicken pox.I have to admit that I got into the car and cried! I cried because Elli was so upset that she couldnt go to school, because she was missing out on the best week and because I had so much to do.The spots are on thier way to healing so she should be ok for next week. I just hope callum doesnt get it!

This paper got me a bit excited,I havent brought paper to use one/ keep one to stroke for ages! Its by Heidi Grace.

So I make this super cute maze book for my cousin Ilana who met us at Glastonbury this year. She was there working with the Brit School whom is a student with.Ilana was doing filming, she is so talened, take a lookie

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