Thursday, 19 March 2009

Defining spring

I have been thinking at the moment about the change in the weather, noticeably its gone from dark and damp to bright and cheery. Now I know I love winter and it only seems like yesterday that I posted about how much I loved that but I do love the start of spring too. There have been a few defining moments this week that tell me spring has sprung. 1. putting my washing out to dry on the line for the first time, 2. having my first ice cream and 3. being able to sit in a beer garden with only jeans and a T on! I asked the kids what they thought, Callum said that nature had changed (little surprise that he had noticed that!) and Elli said that some girls were wearing their summer dress (and again typical woman to notice what other girls are wearing!). But then I also thought that its not just a visual thing. The coming of a new season makes me feel different inside, dizzy with excitement for what is to come. Soooooooooooooo what I am trying to get at this that I am going to make a mini book about what spring is to me. I am going to take photos of my washing today and even brought some Magnums to take a photo of, I might have to eat one too so I can get my journo'ing just right ! Does anyone want to play along?

Sunday me and Kev done our runs, me just doing the fun run which I ran in 32 minutes and 2 seconds ( 3 and a half miles) and Kev doing the half marathon which he completed in 2 hours and 8 minutes. The day way beautiful and I raised over £100 for St Luke's Hospice which I am very pleased about. I hadn't looked at the route before as I didn't want to see long roads and big hills so I would feel negative on the day, so I wasn't aware that we would be running past my Nanna Pats grave. Not sure why but this really got me! Blubbing and running not good!
Well I am off to tidy my messy house and this afternoon I am helping at Elli's school, yes I am mad!!
Oh and btw I love Elbow Even their website is great! Check out their new album is you haven't got it

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