Thursday, 3 June 2010


9Th March?!!!! omg!!! If there is anyone left in blog land that might bother to peek at my lonely blog anymore, you are more than welcome to poke me in the eye and kick me up the bum! what a terrible blogger I have been!

So whats been happening.....

3 weeks until I go back to my spiritual home - Glasto!
My sister popped a baby out - Rosa May,
Elli Woo has a wobbly tooth
Callum is in love with his girlfriend but heart broken that she is going to a different senior school
My best Friend passed her exams with 100% and is now a qualified manicurist I has my name mentioned on Create and Craft by the lovely Kirsty Wiseman.... didn't see it though and haven't been able to find it on 'tinternet
Talking of 'tinternet I went to see Peter Kay live in Manchester.

Phew! And as for crafting, I have been busy with work, designing and teaching 33 ladies their book of me course. At home I have made a few projects which I promise I will photograph this week and up load. for now I am in love with this stamp...

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