Tuesday, 19 August 2014

11/31 Top 5 Movies

I've totally messed up the order of these prompts!

As many people know I don't watch too much TV. This extends to films too. So my top 5 are...

1. Love Actually


Love, death, Christmas, boobies, music, Hugh Grant. What's not to love!?

2. About a Boy


Hugh Grant, Hugh Grant and a geeky boy.

3. Grease.


Who doesn't love this film? Well Kev who has never seen it but that's another story!

4. Aristocats


The first ever film I loved. Ask my mum!

5. Avatar


Is it possible to be in love with a film character who looks like this?!

What's your top 5?



misteejay said...

Interesting choices Nina - haven't seen Avatar so don't know what it's like.

Top of my favourite 5 would have to be "White Christmas" - growing up you knew Christmas was almost here because this would be on the TV.

Grease - I just love musicals.

The Harry Potter films - I loved the way they translated to the screen.

Musicals in general - from the old B/W films starring Fred Astaire through to the technicolour blockbusters like Singing in the Rain.

Bond Films - (not the Roger Moore ones)...goodies, badies, a bit of intrigue and usually some super scenery along the way.

Toni xx

cosymo said...

Yes Nina love Aristocats we used to sing along I loved it too x