Monday, 25 August 2014

15/31 Top 5 Travel Destinations

I haven't travelled much in my life so far. I think that's what happens when you have your first child at 20. I hope that when the kids are a little older me and Kev will have a chance to explore.

When I think of the destinations I would like to visit , it's not the place but something in that place that has brought me to want to visit.

The first place is The Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

I first came across this wonderful little theatre when I was looking at Seth Lakeman music videos. What an amazing setting for a gig.

Second place is Jamaica. Ever since my early teens, I have loved reggae music especially Bob Marley & the Wailer's. I would study his song lyrics and any reading material I could find. My favourite book is Bob Marley Catch a Fire. This book has such wonderful descriptions of Bob Marleys life, it made me want to see the place that he lived. I know it's probably not possible to visit such places but I can only imagine that any part of Jamaica is amazing.

Third place, well it's not a place as such but is the Northern Lights.
To go to Iceland maybe and view such spectacle would be a dream.
Fourth place is Scotland. I have been here once and this was for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Isle of Seil which is just off Oban. It was such a magical place.


I know there is so much more to explore.

Fith, Italy anywhere!!!

The food, wine, people, history, culture. I could go on!



misteejay said...

A lovely selection of destinations Nina.
Italy is beautiful and full of history - I've been to Lake Garda and it was amazing. A couple of day trips to Venice were fabulous.
If you get the chance you really must go.
Toni xx

cosymo said...

Lovely destinations. Nina x