Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 Craft goals!

After posting my new year goals I thought I'd completely copy Leanne And post my craft aims for the year.

1 Project Life........ A few years ago, when Project Life first came to the UK I got completely caught up in the buzz and brought a load of stash. Then feeling very overwhelmed by the idea of documenting every week for a year I baled out. This year I am going to go for it again after dabbling in a few pages last year. I am lucky because one of my yummy friends Polly, is the queen of PL. If you want to have a peek at her stuff pop over to her Instagram http://instagram.com/pollyscraps

2 Take more photos...... I take quite a few every day photos but when it comes to events or gatherings I get a bit shutter shy. I think this connects to my brave goal.

3 Paint and draw...... I used to draw loads. This was before I discovered craft. Callum is so talented with his art, he makes me so proud. It's made me feel really inspired and New Year's Day I decided to give it a go.

4 Finish Stuff....... For many crafters this is probably one of their new year goals too. We like to dip into things then move on, not even completing what we started. This one is an aim that I say every single year!
5 Make more cards..... I really enjoy making cards now and this is largely due to Pinterest giving me a mojo injection but I don't make many for people. I need to be more organised with events and get my finger out and start making. I've started this goal already by making my Mum's birthday card.
It was her birthday today. Happy birthday mummy!
6 Sew..... Get my sewing machine out and sew baby, sew! I've already got plans with my friend Karen to kick start this off but to be honest I am a little scared of the mean green machine.
Watch this space for updates!!!



misteejay said...

Wishing you well with your crafting aims Nina.
Glad to see you have started drawing again - the horse is great.
Toni xx

cosymo said...

Thank you for your fab card Nina, you inspire me 3yrs ago I never thought I would craft again but you inspire me and I am slowly Blossoming again you are my Sunshine!