Friday, 2 March 2007

Run Run as fast as you can!

Going for another walk/jog this morning. I am doing rather well now. I can run 2 miles. So now Kev knows I am really into it he brought me a new pair of trainers. Never thought I would get into jogging but I love the feeling of being free and listening to my ipod. I have now made a new playlist caleed Run! Which consists of Arctic Monkeys, Muse, The whip and Basement Jax. Fabby!!


Donswishes blog said...

there funky i need new trainers, though the most exercise i get is pilates!
There is some crop info on my blog looks like the first one will be prob 17th march, let me know if you fancy it! Donnax

Kel x said...

FAB trainers !! Love em lots !!! Really proud of you doing th erace for life...good for you :) Wish I could join you....maybe I will...if not I wil be there to support you X X X You go girl !!!