Monday, 12 March 2007

Week of Ups and Downs

Well what a week!
The week began with a big UP I was offered a job at Artbase, a shop which I have always loved and shopped in, I would save my pocket money and go and buy things! Callum got a super report at parents evening, and I went to a super class at Imgine That on Thursday. Dawnie, Jo Jo and I had such a giggle!
Then Friday came the DOWN. I woke up feeling pants and couldnt go for my jog. Very dissapointing as I managed to jog 3 miles without stopping on Monday and wanted to do it again. Then had a really upsetting phone call from the owner of Artbase questioning my relationship with the owner of Sugar and Spice. I think she thought I was going to come into her shop to spy and pass info on to Marrion. I think she really didnt want me to work there as she was very negative. This really threw me as I had been so excited about starting there and I didnt know if I wanted to work there after all she had said. Anyway some UPs me and kev went to see Number 23 and then went to have a quick bite to eat at Cafe Uno (Goats cheese on yummy bread and seafood risoto). Saturday I still fely pants but we started decorating our bedroom. The whole Artbase thing was still on my mind. I thought I should go in and chat to the lovely lady who had offered me the job. But talking to her made me realise that the job wasbt going to work, she was really dissapointed and so was I. BOO HOO!
I spent all off Sunday on the sofa feeling even more pants and now with a dodgy tummy (poor kev had to finish the floor on his own!).
So a week of ups and downs.


Fiona said...

Poor you, shame about the job. Hope you feel better soon.

Donswishes blog said...

what on earth was that all about? its a real shame, never mind.back to job hunting then.

Kel x said...

OMG what ??? bloomin silly !! Well....her loss and someone elses gain when you go and work for them :) ....chin up chick all will be well X X