Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Tell me a story

I have been thinking today about my kids storybook which is part of my When I grow Up class. I think maybe I have been puting it off really. I wrote several differenr stories, one about meeting a prince, one about being artistic and one about being liked. I felt like the last one was a bit sad but when I read the all to my sister she said that one was the best as it was true and from the heart. I suppose it is but I think I wanted a nice 'fluffy' book if you know what I mean.
So here goes -
There once was a little girl who wanted everyone to like her.
She tried being funny
she tried being moody
But she still felt that people didnt like her.
It took her a long time to realise, for people to like her she needed to like herself and be her own person.
I lived happily ever after just being me!
The end

Still not sure if its right but I will go for it anyway.


Jenni said...

You're story sounds great, don't think there's a right and wrong either, your sister is right it should come from you. Go for it

Scrapdolly said...

Great sentiments in this

cosymo said...

To understand how to love another, you have to love yourself,to have a child you understand love, unconditional love,but to truly love you,learn to love ones self........Mumxx