Thursday, 19 April 2007

todays report

I took the dogs to Mill Medows this afternoon, it was beautiful. THe sun was shinning and it was so peaceful. The grass was so soft it felt like a thick carpet! Its nice to go where not a lots of people go as its unspoilt. I did feel sorry for Nessie watching Arty running around, so I let go of her lead to see what she would do. It was beautiful to see them running together, it was like a scean from Homewood Bound but without the cat!She was really good and kept coming back. I want confident enough to take the lead off but she is only 5 months.

I have nearly finished my Story book which is looking quite yummy! I just love the new Basic grey Phoebie collection. I have just brought somemore for my When I grow up book and a 7 Gypsies envelope album. I am going to start some photos of me to use and I have got a list of ideas which I might use for the book.
One more thing I am after this yummy bag to take to Glastonbury and now the shop has sold out - has anyone seen any on thier travels?

Oh I have had such a relaxing day - better go and get the little man from school.

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