Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bursting calender

Been so busy and its not going to stop for a while. I think you can always tell when summer is on its way as the callender goes mad!
Wednesday - Phoenix meeting in Reigate
Thursday - Knitting lesson with Christines mum, kev staying at Craig's for his move on friday
Saturday - Craft fair with my Phoenix
Sunday - Billericay Crop (yay)
Tuesday - Suagr and Spice Launch party
Wdnesday - Wickford crop
Thursday - Kev go to Derby
Friday - Girls round for a curry
Sunday - Bootsale and going to Ivory rooms in the evening
Monady - Victorian day at Coalhouse Fort
Tuesday - Car going in to have new bumper
Friday - Chloe's Birthday party and out in evening for Gill's birthday
Saturday - Tatums engagement party
Sunday - Race for Life
Monday - sponcered toddle with Elli Woo.
Phew! I am worn out just looking at all that!


Polly said...

You have worn me out just looking at all that!

See you at crop on Sunday.

Polly said...

p.s. where is the craft fair???

KARA said...