Monday, 21 May 2007

I am here!

Ok I was told off yesterday, by Polly for not bloging much last week SORRY!
I am here now, back in the flow!
Yesterday I went to the Billericay crop (soon to be renamed something fabby. It was super.We made something fabby (wink wink) and had a good giggle. Kelly g was there with her raffle which had some major super prizes. I won twice - yay! 6 packs of paper blooms (not the old lady ones Polly) and a Heidi Swapp clear stamp. Annnddddddddddddddddd $35 worth of stash from ebay seller The Silly Scrapper. I was very pleased :) Also it was really nice to see Polly (Paula) again. We really have the same style and love of the same yummy things.
Well done Donna for a great crop (and the lift home!)
Saturdays craft fair was good, it wasnt massivly busy but I still felt I done quite well. It gives me the confidence to do more fairs. The products sell themselves as they are yumnmy!

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Polly said...

HoooooooooRAY!!! You have blogged! You're art is absolutely wonderful. You make some fabby stuff and i'm amazed by it all. How brave you are with your modge podge and gloss accents and paint. This stuff is so gorgeous in the 'flesh'! You should be so proud and enter some comps!!!