Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Music to feed the soul

I have been thinking about music lately, how some people love it and some people just don't seem bothered. For me I love it. I remember loving it from a very young age. But what makes some people love certain music? I am not in to female singers, if the music is good the singer doesn't have to have a really super voice and it just has to have the right feeling. My sister on the other hand loves female singers and to her a great voice is everything. But we grew up in the same house listening to the same music our parents played so how can our taste be so different?What makes our brain decide that the music we are listening to is going to make our foot tap or not?
Over the past few years my music love has changed.I think it was Glastonbury that changed me. Seeing Coldplay, who I had never liked before, play Yellow and The Scientist in front of thousands of people, out in the open air and mud (got goosebumps now!) turned something on in my brain that had never been played with before.
For the past year I have fell in love with a band Called Nizlopi. They are a small band not well known but have had a number one song. Their music is like somebody filling my lungs with fresh crisp air. Last year I saw them live and it was truly amazing. I cant wait to see them at Glastonbury this year.

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~*Gems*~ said...

Music rocks - especially live music :o) xx