Monday, 2 July 2007

click click

Whilst I havent been able to get my head around scrapping due to the hectecness of life I have been doing something else crafty - knitting!. Ok I have only knitted in a straight line but I am really getting into the flow of things. When I was at Glastonbury I found a little knitting tent which I sat in for 3 hours and was taught new things. The tent was so chilled, circular with all cusions on the floor (it could only fit about 10 people).Sitting in there listening to the rain outside and the digery doo workshop nest door was so relaxing.
This is a picture of thier wool

I have recently brought this book which is super fab. Its really basic and easy to follow but has some cool paterns in for begginners including some cute flowers and bits that I cant wait to use on my LO's.

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