Sunday, 1 July 2007

Its been such a long time! I have missed my blogger. The reason I have been absent is that I had my broadband cut off after months of trying to get them to take my payment. So they had to reorder the line which was over a week and I was leaving for Glastonbury on the Wednesday.So I came back on Monday and it still wasn't on! Grrrrrr. Well anyway I have got it sorted now and I have just returned from Glasto in my head so I am ready to write again.
Loads of things happened but I am not one to go back over past events I like to move on.
One thing I will mention is that I will be teaching a set of Classes at Sugar and Spice - ( They are beginners classes and will take people through different aspects of scrapbooking. So if you know anyone who wants to start but doesn't know where to start and they live in Essex, send them my way!
And obviously I have Glastonbury to talk about but I will write a full report as I am going to start my journal today before I forget all the tiny details which made my homecoming special.
Missed everyone and cant wait to read every ones blogs.
Big XXXXX to my pal Polly x


~*Gems*~ said...

Was wondering where you have been hun!

Can't wait to hear all about Glasto - I am soo jealous :o) xx

Polly said...

Hey there you!!!

Hoping you're happy and back safe and sound! I have missed you HEAPS and want to hear ALL about it... and your classes and everything!
You can order those kits from ...
Piccie looks fabby of you and your sister! You both look so happy.

Love ya!