Sunday, 12 August 2007

A few days worth of chat

I have been a bit slack with my blog this week. This has been for 2 reasons. 1 - I have been busy busy and 2. I have had lots of late nights and the words just dont flow when I am tired.
Tuesday night I went to see Nizlopi - play in a little club in the O2 arena. Yes they were super. Yes I cried and yes I took loads of photos!

I really would love anyone to listen to thier music and tell me what they think. Luke has such a beautiful voice and teamed up with Johns double bass (called Nanny) the sound is wonderful.
Hearing live music again made the thought of Glastonbury mud melt away and left me with a feeling of need to go back. Pear cider - smiling - being me.

They always have no shoes on when they play!

Anyway...... Wednesday I met the wonderful Shimelle. She has always inspired me in my scrapbooking ever since the begining of my scrapbooking time. I have always said that if I ever met her I would be all stary eyed but she was sooooooo nice and normal that there was no need to feel that way. She stayed in the shop for a coffee and a chocolate buscuit and we all chatted for hours! Thanks Shimelle for being so cute! Her work is beautiful but the way she gives my scrapping head thoughts is something specail.

Thursday - Kevs first day off, popped into work to do my kit and met Paula Polly for a shop and a coffee. She is so sweet and makes me laugh! Had friends round to watch Peter key and have a Nina curry. Opps they didnt go until 3am but we had a super time. How nice is it to meet a special person? You know the type who really cares? The type you can be honist with? big snog to you Cathy!
Going to get scrapping today as I have ichy fingers!


cafyd said...

Hi Nina, Thanks for the lovely words!!!!!! Your a great person too !!!! x

shimelle said...

awww, bless you! it was so good to see the shop and meet you too! :)

will have to think about that tag! goodness! :)