Saturday, 11 August 2007

my thoughts for today

Today was my last class. I felt quite sad as I have really got to know my ladies and I feel quite sad that its over. I know I will have new ladies in September but I really feel quite fond of them. Today I tried to teach them stamping, not that this is my best area. And I think that this reflected slightly on the group. Last week with our *snipping* class we were buzzing but today it was a little flat. Over all I am really pleased with how it went. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to do this and I thank all that suggested, pushed and encouraged me (you know who you are!)


Polly said...

Hey laydee! Glad your last one went ok... if a little sad although i'm SURE you'll see the ladies in there very often.

Anonymous said...

You have been brillient NINA and as your mother ,I am so so Proud off you, the classes have been an inspuration to all that took part, so you should be proud of yourself,scrapbooking is now a major part of our lives,and in all the classes you do, I am sure you will be an insuration to all you teach, as you have been to all the ladies you have taught so far,LOVE YOU MILLIONS MUMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX