Monday, 3 September 2007


Tonight I am really having a random moment of thinking....
Crisps....... When I was young a good packet of prawn cocktail or salt and vinegar (more vinegary the better!) were good enougth for me. Even though when I was in infant school I remember my mum baning me from having salt and vinegar as they made me hyper! In my teens I moved on to cheap crisps. Tangy Toms, Space Raiders. All 5p a bag. I think the need to buy these crisps was because I needed to save my money to buy alchol to drink at the park. My 20's was the Pringle era. They tasted so different to normal crisps, all curved and in a tube. They were the nuts. A taste sensation (Peter Kay is god).
Now I am reaching my 30's (29 on Sunday) the new posh crisps are the only thing on the menu. Thai chili, TeX Mex steak, I love them! Pringles just don't get a look in even if they have tried to bring out posh flavours, you are still in a tube mate - that's so early 2000! The reason for this random chat is that Kev has brought some 'posh pringles' home. I think I am too grown up for them :)

Does anyone else think that Nigela Lawson is the most sexiest woman ever!? Jamie Oliver (food god) Makes food sexy in a creative was but Nigela makes it sexy in a sexual way!!!

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Polly said...

Hey you!
Yum - crisps! Not sure if you still wanna do tomorrow, have had no credit! Will email you.