Friday, 16 November 2007

Time flies

I cant believe a week has flown by and I haven't blogged about Elli's 4Th birthday which was this time next week!
My baby girl was 4, I cant believe it has gone so quick. I can remember the weekend that she came so clearly. I really really thought she was going to be late because Callum was. I was really really busy that week so I needed her to be late! But on Saturday 8Th I did feel a little odd, but I carried on my day like normal. That evening we went out for dinner Kev, Callum and me. And then it was during the night that I woke up with a pooie belly ache. I thought my dinner had been dodgy, but a few hours later it was very clear that I was in labour. I remember my last moments with Callum as an only child. I packed him a bag and got him ready to go to Nanny's. I explained to him that things would change from now on but I still loved him loads. Because I was so convinced that she was going to be late I hadn't even packed my bag!! And the car was on red so we had to stop and get petrol. I sat there and sent out a group text to all my friends saying I was in labour now!!!
The birth was well like giving birth! The pains got bad and I had pethidine. The pushing bit was the hardest thing I have ever done! I remember thinking it was like trying to push over a brick wall! In the end she was sucked out and I pushed when I shouldn't have so I had to have stitches after. But when she slithered out, I remember saying ' what is it, what is it?!' And they just turned her around bits first and showed me. The joy of that moment is so great that I cannot put it into words. My perfect baby girl.


Polly said...

all teary now, I love birth stories make me feel so weepy and happy...

sunshine and curls said...

that brought tears to my eyes, Elli is a wonderful gorgeous little girl, you have a perfect little family their such a lovely picture of you all.