Monday, 19 November 2007

Why do I feel so sad? Why do I feel doom laying on my chest like some thick black looming cloud? I just cant put my finger on it.

Today me and Elli Woo went to visit some friends. Me - Polly Paula and Elli - Emily. A wonderful lunch of hot chicken rolls was had and then time for a little ohhhhhing and arrrring over stash. I love Paula. I find her so inspiring in a creative way, its like she is bursting with cool creativeness and then on the other hand I feel like she is really vulnerable and I want to hug her forever! There is something special about meeting someone who you can just be relaxed with.
The girls had a lovely time, Elli was so chuffed to get a birthday present and thought Em was really cute! Ben is just so hunky and chunky, Elli now wants a baby brother!


Polly said...

Hey you!
Oh I hope you're alright. I know how tough times can be with all the stuff that goes along with 'families'! Love you too, you cool pink rainbow chicka!
xxx Thanks for popping over today Em loved it ( and so did I!)

sunshine and curls said...

Hope you are alright nina you are a wonderful person just remember that hard times come and go everything will be ok im always here for you XX