Sunday, 6 July 2008

Back to life back to reality ..... and wednesday review

Soooooooo I am back and it has taken we nearly a week to recover. A few people have asked me when I going to blog about the festival so I thought the best way to do it would be in days.
So Wednesday we started out at 5.30, we wanted to get there early so we could get a good camping spot. Half way there we met up with the others (Dad had got lost already !) and they followed us the rest of the way. Dad had brought some walkie talkies so there was lots of random banter on the way. You have to put your car park ticket up 3 miles away from the site so you can see all the other glast goers. I think one of the worst bit of the festival has to be carrying all your stuff to your camp site, I always think I will go light but it never works out that way!
Go to the camp, put tents up,put flag up and then head for a Pear cider at the Brothers Bar - () Its always a great moment. Laying on the grass, in the sun drinking pear cider is heaven. Oh and also having a Pie Minister pie ()with the cider is even greater!Anyway, a few pints later we went for a wonder up the Stone circle. The view from up the is beautiful.
Later that afternoon we were joined my Ilana. She is my lovely cousin who was working at the Left Field tent filming. We all started to get a bit jolly and very random that night. Dan brought another waste coat and a top hat. We posed as sausages and lent our hats to other sausage posers, went up to the stone circle, where some mad rave was happening in the spot where the Banksy Bog henge was and met some lady selling very interesting cookies.... the rest is lost on me!


sunshine and curls said...

so glad you all had a lovely time and the weather was kind to you were pleased your dad was behind you Lol. X pictures are fab

Becky said...

Great slide show! Looking forward to the next installment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,
Still persuading Mark that he might like it!!! Maybe 2011!!!