Wednesday, 9 July 2008

thursday happenings

Thursday I woke up with Glasto-belly. This usually occures when you have consumed something dodgy the night before. I think it was the jerk chicken that was heated up in the mircowave by a food stall the night before. Anyway a couple of Imodium washed down with a strongbow did the trick and I was back on true form. We headed to The Park area which had some super black and white flowers at the entrence. On the way we popped to the Oxfam. I brought a hat and Dan brought another waist coat, Dad tried on a really cool wig which has inspired him to grow his hair!
We wandered up to the Pennard hill which has never been open to the festival before. Sitting up here you can see for miles, you can see the whole festival which this year was bigger than the city of Bath. Its such an amazing sight to see it all unfold benith you. Beautiful!
Thursday night we went to see Roisin Murphy ( wasnt really up with what she did but an old school mate of mine plays guitar in her band so I had to go and support him. Its was totally rammed going around the Queens Head tent, this was beaucause they had a band playing called One Night Only (One Night Only). They had a huge fan base, I am now one of those. Anyway when we finally made it into the tent Roisin was good, not blowing away good but just good.Ally looked super mate, well done!
It was also this night that the rain started. Was it because I wore my wellies this evening? I only put them on because me feet were cold in my crocs. Tempted fate. I did think that this was the start of another washout, but I really didnt want to feel down about it.Friday later.....

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